Review — Bloomsbury Ephemera Fair

The latest Bloomsbury Ephemera, Book & Postcard Fair took place on Sunday 26th September at the Holiday Inn Bloomsbury.

We had a good compliment of dealers for the fair, each fair sees more of our dealers returning as well as many of our regular visitors, plus some new faces!

Dealers reported good sales, as witnessed by the amount of visitors leaving with their purchases in our familiar red bags! The fair does appeal to everyone, serious collectors as well as beginners and enthusiasts with items priced to suit all. One of our regular exhibitors, Jeremy Carson proprietor of The Antiquarian Book Company said this, after Sunday’s fair:

I had an amazing day at the last ETC Ephemera Fair. I sold an astonishing 850 single items for £1 each! Like a lot of dealers I’m pretty much drowning in paper at the moment so I decided to have a sale. I made up six boxes of photographs, prints and etchings, original art, Victorian periodicals, 20th century periodicals and mixed ephemera. Some of it was new but most were items I’d tried to sell before at other fairs for £10 – £20 or so. This time I decided to follow the old adage ‘it only makes money when it moves.’ And boy oh boy did it move! There was a steady stream of dealers and visitors all day and my accounting was simple too – £850 taken meant 850 items sold. I’ve never had a day like it.

So why not come along to the next fair and see for yourself — or are you a dealers thinking of exhibiting? Get in touch. Use the contact form on the website.