Come visit the SUMMER FAIR

The fabulous Bloomsbury Summer Fair is just 5 days away! Always a hit, and very popular with both visitors and exhibitors, this year’s event promises to be just as good!

With over 110 dealers, some with double stands, dealers are spread across the whole of the Galleon and Ellis Suites so there is something for every collector, bibliophile, ephemerist, academic or just those with a love of vintage works printed on paper.

There are also auctioneers an bookbinders exhibiting.

We have exhibitors from all over the UK, some regular, some new to our fairs, Europe, USA and further afield! Come early and stay all day!

Doors open at 10am and close at 3.30pm, admission is just £2 until 12.30 and thereafter is free.

Check the Exhibitors page for a full list, plus look out for Dealer Highlights.