John Martin, Mayfly Ephemera & Books

John Martin, Mayfly Ephemera & Books
John Martin, Mayfly Ephemera

Mayfly Ephemera was founded by my wife & I back in 1979, and we had been trading on & off up until 2005 when we decided to make it our full-time occupation. Specialising in ephemera, books, documents, archives, autographs and manuscripts, we take an eclectic, catholic approach to buying & selling [!], and are always open to exploring new and dark waters that might make other dealers quail…

With an appreciation for the documentary over, but not at the expense of, the pictorial, we have a particular passion for British Colonial material, in all its shapes & sizes. We would like to think we’ve established Mayfly as one of the preeminent UK dealers in ephemera especially, often bringing our humble knowledge and experience to bear on the purveying, purchasing and placing of extensive archives and individual items alike.

Mayfly - purveyors of ephemeraWe attend circa 40 fairs a year throughout the UK, currently our favourite has to be the Etc Ephemera Fair, which occurs on a near-monthly basis, run by Kim & George Jeffery, whose light touch in fair administration and general helpfulness is an example a lot of fair organisers could learn from!

The Etc Fairs seem unique in that they are neither a book fair nor an ephemera fair, instead transcending all boundaries, covering the whole gamut of that mercurial commodity, “works on paper”.  Nothing else quite like them, as the long queue at each monthly event testifies. Always a good venue to meet fellow dealers, plus new collectors. The stand rates represent great value!