Calling all Book Lovers!

Are you a book lover? Or a collector of all things? Whether you love books, ephemera, maps, prints, manuscripts, posters, photographs or much more then the Bloomsbury Book Fair is just the place for you this weekend!

Come along to the fair on Sunday 12th November and spend a wonderful day treasure hunting, seeking that elusive item for your collection, or that item that is going to start you collecting!

Whether you are a looking for a rare and expensive book, or something a little more affordable, the fair has items in all price ranges for all types of people.

We have over 80 dealers, spread across more than 120 tables in the whole of the Galleon Suite of the Royal National Hotel, London WC1H 0DG. Doors are open from 10am until 4pm and admission is just £2 until !2.30 and thereafter is free. Come see for yourself!

Check the exhibitors tab on the website for the latest Exhibitor List plus a downloadable room plan.